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Ink Trails and Adaptation: Chronicles of Professional Growth

I've always considered this space more of an open journal than a blog. I'm not a blogger, nor do I aspire to be one. I wear enough hats as it is. Picture an overcrowded hat rack—that's me on any given day of the week. Some days, everything's neatly stacked, but on others, just glancing at the rack sends all the hats tumbling down. Over the past six months of using (or rather, not using) this space, my writing has stayed close to my heart—a private privilege I've treasured. Treating my blog as a journal means reserving specific musings solely for myself, a method for therapeutically releasing thoughts. It's a written exploration, sifting through the assortment of hats to find those that genuinely suit me and discerning which are better off in the donation pile.

I often talk to myself while writing if you know me in person. My words sound like me, reflecting the past six months that have been quite a journey. I've navigated some tough conversations, and I'm cautious not to make my writings trigger speculation about others. Feel free to speculate about me; make it an intriguing tale. Let me know what you've come up with.

Perhaps one of the reasons for my lower profile lately is my decision to dive into an 18-credit, non-degree program at UVA for professional growth (or something along those lines). The biggest lesson I've gleaned is the significance of APA formatting—an aspect I wish I'd given more attention to during my undergrad and grad school years, particularly given that one of my degrees centered on communication. Irony knows how to make an entrance. With just 18 days left till the semester wraps up and two more classes in the queue, I can almost taste the freedom... Come May, I'll probably boast the most meticulously crafted reference list on the East Coast! For reference, this program has nothing to do with writing or communication.

Lately, my attention has been divided among theory, foundational principles, work, and family. Writing has taken on a more scattered, journal-like form, each sentence a vent amidst an imaginary tap-dancing swarm of ants on my laptop keys. I often yearn for the ability to craft and store beautifully artisan journals, handwritten with elegance. Sadly, I've been blessed with the penmanship of a drunk elephant. So, while I admire fancy stationery and pine for gorgeous leather-bound books, those remain reserved for extraordinary moments when the mere current flowing through a tiny chip would feel like an insult.

Recently, I've found myself in those exceptional moments that seemingly demand the elegance of a Montblanc pen coupled with a one-of-a-kind Jenni Bick journal - but let's face it, it's more of a trusted Bic pen and a classic marble composition book in reality. A girl can dream, can't she? These exceptional moments have been primarily focused on my professional journey. Not even the finesse of a finely crafted German pen could script away the trials and tribulations.

Facing unexpected professional challenges was like stumbling upon uncharted territory. I found myself navigating situations I hadn't been fully prepared for. It's an odd feeling when you're suddenly thrust into scenarios you never anticipated, requiring a quick adaptation and a lot of on-the-go learning. Moreover, there's this grieving process for the future you once envisioned. Sometimes, what we imagined would unfold takes a different turn, and it's a skill to mourn that version of the future while embracing the one that's evolving.

Learning to navigate these unanticipated professional challenges also meant learning to accept the ebb and flow of life. It's about making peace with the unexpected, finding strength in adaptation, and finding new pathways amidst unforeseen circumstances. As for grieving the future that once seemed confident, it's an inevitable, ongoing journey. It's about acknowledging the change in direction, finding ways to forge ahead despite the unexpected detours, and embracing the present while holding onto the resilience to craft a new future from unforeseen turns.

As I wrap up this chapter of musings and reflections, I'm reminded of the labyrinthine nature of life—where hats don't neatly line up, and pens, however elegant, often scribble amidst chaos. These past months, my journey through words has mirrored the twists and turns of life itself.

In this journal-like space, I've shared whispers of thoughts, moments of contemplation, and even fragments of the unexpected challenges life has thrown my way. It's been a privilege to navigate this avenue, allowing my thoughts a sanctuary to exist, unfiltered yet cautious, genuine yet wary.

As I eagerly anticipate the culmination of my academic pursuit—a venture that seemed to divert from writing yet has fostered unexpected lessons—I welcome the future with a heart more attuned to adaptation, resilience, and the beauty of unexpected detours.

The elegant Montblanc pen and the exquisite Jenni Bick journal remain elusive dreams, but the humble Bic pen and classic marble composition book? They have faithfully chronicled these exceptional moments, penning tales of trials and perseverance that even the finest craftsmanship couldn't erase. So, as I embrace the present, acknowledging the evolving paths and the unforeseen turns, I find solace in the resilience to craft a new future—a narrative born from the unexpected.

Until the next chapter unfolds, here's to journaling amidst the chaos, learning amidst the unexpected, and dreaming amidst the reality.

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Reagan Stillerman
Reagan Stillerman
Nov 29, 2023

I know that from these twists and turns of life, something magical will unfold. It's nice to hear from you. Wishing you and your crew all the best...💛

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