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I can honestly say I never thought I would be someone to start a blog. I follow several blogs from mom-ing ,cooking, how to be more organized, professional, raising a child with special needs, unicorns, depression, anxiety, shoes, clothing...just to name a few. A hodgepodge of interests that make up my life. Everyone has a hodgepodge, some more eclectic than others, nonetheless this hodgepodge is essential to who we are. I do however highly suggest unicorn blogs to everyone, you simply don't know what your missing. No, I do not have a questionable fascination, please see the first item listed in my hodgepodge.

For the basics I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, full time working, life impacting professional who is working on her list of adjectives. This blog will grow and evolve as I do. Some of you who will journey over to this site will have seen my recent social media posts that lead to this foray into blogging. Perhaps you'll find it entertaining and insightful or your suspicions on how left of center I actually am will come to fruition. Either way, entertaining.

How often I post will be determined by several factors, mainly free time. I have a very little and am working on how best to spend it. As this blog evolves so may my uses for it. Posts may be more frequent some weeks versus others. I'll promise to keep you on your toes waiting with baited breath for my next does of humor. Someday's the humor may be dark or inappropriate and will usually always be riddled with sarcasm. My posts will not follow any order and will not pick up where the last one left off. My writings will likely be inspired by topics or articles, which I will reference, that have impacted me enough to write. These musings will all tie back to my life and how I got to this moment in time. It will be somewhere between "where the wild things are" to "war and peace."

Being open and communicative has never been my strong suit. If you have ever spent five minutes with me you are well aware of my strong capabilities of editorial commentary, deflective editorial commentary. As I recently turned 35, apparently it is time for me to learn some new habits.

I may try to take things slow, also not my strong suit. Perhaps this venue will allow me to fully adapt and integrate to my new-ish small town Virginia lifestyle. I'm a city girl, it takes us a while to warm up to things. Perhaps my jaw pain isn't from tension and anxiety, maybe its my perpetual RBF slowly dissipating.

So, I hope you will find some interest in what I post, even if its learning more about me. That is my ultimate goal.

Stay tuned...

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