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How do you "happy".......

What does happiness mean to you? The formal definition of happy (n) is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment; happiness (adj) the state of being happy. Such formality for a word that is usually associated with lighthearted merriment. Pharrel Williams wrote a semi -catchy song titled "Happy", the University of Missouri conducted research and found that the happiest song on earth is "Dont Stop Me Now" by Queen. You can google the study to determine its legitimacy. I'm just here to provide some random facts.

Recently, several articles and the wires have been focused on "American's are the unhappiest they have been in 50 years." How do quantify happiness? You may detest Queen and prefer death metal to get your spirits up. You do you. Can we really say as a collective yes or no to happiness. How many of us have taken pause and inventoried the impact that five letter has on your life.

Philosophy / psychology say there are two forms of happiness: hedonistic and eudaimonic.

Hedonistic happiness, in basic terms, is achieved through pleasure and enjoyment. Eudaimonic happiness is achieved through experiences of meaning and purpose. Again, are SAT words truly need to define happiness. Are we overthinking what makes us happy? There are all kinds of studies, surveys, infographics, gurus, etc...that tell us all about happiness. I didn't realize happiness was a one size its all.

I did some hunting around on the big ole internet for a way to define happiness that made sense. That provide the tangible experience. A bucket list of happiness if you will.

  • be altruistic

  • forgive

  • thank your mentor

  • devote time and energy to relationships

  • breath

  • be present

  • develop effective coping mechanisms (just you wait till I tell you how my coping skills worked out)

Not long ago a friend handed me a four leaf clover, I actually kept it, which typically isn't my style. Even pinned it up. Occasionally I glance at it and laugh, partly at the ridiculousness that I hung it up and partly because a four leaf clover stands for faith, hope, love, and luck for the finder. I'm slightly salty by nature so corny meanings aren't my thing either.

However, if you actually think about the simplicity of the four leaf clover and its Irish meaning, perhaps that is where one can find happiness. A culmination of faith, hope, love, and a little bit of luck. Perhaps it really can be that simple to find your happy.

And if all else fails....there is always chocolate.

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18 jun 2020

Well put💕

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