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How to catch a friendship bracelet.....

This post isn't going to read like a Cosmo "how to" or a blog that starts with a year long saga before finally giving you the recipe. I am fairly confidant that when it comes to friendship there is no right way to go about it. Sure, there are certain courtesies we should all adhere to; however, if that isn't who you are odds are you'll find your pack that rolls the same way. You'll set up camp, build your fire, maybe get matching hats or whatever your pack does.

Today, I made my daughter and husband matching fly line bracelets from some line we had. Let me tell you, it has been years, more like decades, since I have made a friendship bracelet. No plastic tackle box full of vibrant threads, beads, or safety pins to make the next creation. Imagine if that was how you actually made friends. You simply open the box, sort through the mixture of colors that you find complimentary, decided the type of macrame you want, and voila ... friendship. You'd tie them on your wrist or ankle and see how long they last. How tight did you make your knots?

When I think back to the friendships I have had over the years a few things come to mind. I have always been a person who values quality over quantity when it comes to friends. I still talk to my very best friend from when I was 9 years old, she is even my son's godmother. We haven't always been attached at the hip, we can go a while with out talking, we tell each other how it is. Quality.

I was in a sorority in college and cherish those memories. Through social media I keep up with several girls. And, will ALWAYS do anything to help a sister out. AOT. However, I do wish I had developed stronger bonds. Really made that time count and built those life long relationships.

I've never been great a letting people in. I seem to make my own bracelets and tie my knots hella tight. I've been lucky that I have met a few truly remarkable people who get my awkwardness and are willing to put forth the effort. I should probably start sending you all monthly stipends. Perhaps hazard pay.....choice is yours.

Maybe I should start looking at my friendships through the lens of fly line. Perhaps I should start out a 5 weight; all around line ; you can catch various fish in various bodies of water. Maybe I need to work on testing the waters more. I am sure my husband will read this post, cringe, and tell me to stick to shoe analogies. We've already established i'm awkward.

So, here is to casting lines and making bracelets.

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