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It’s officially been 52 weeks of blogging and because I’m extra, post number 52 on week number 52. I promise the extra ends there.

I obviously knew this was coming. I had been trying to wrap my head around what poignant message I was going to share. Revisiting earlier blog posts to examine themes and stories that could use deeper insight. Tease out anecdotes. I didn’t stumble upon that message. I didn’t conjure up a theme that will carry you through the week. My thoughts kept circling back to where I am now and what that means.

It would be easy to share with you what the next 52 weeks have in store for me and us Morris’; boy do we have some changes a comin’. If this whole experience has taught me anything it’s that it doesn’t take much for life to change. I can still vividly remember the text message my husband sent me on December 12th 2019 while at a work holiday lunch; a text message that would forever alter our trajectory.

In a recent conversation with someone they made the comment alluding to my needing to, “move on.” This is a person I know well and who would never say anything toward me or anyone else with purposely malicious intent. I also appreciate the context in which they were making the comment. Even with this knowledge it hurt, wind knocked out of me kind of hurt, all I could do to end the conversation and get away kind of hurt. I did share with this person, later on, that those are two words I just can’t handle.” The irony, my telling this person their words hurt is a step forward for me.

The past 20 months have seen a lot of growth, step backs, crumbling, rebuilding, and forward momentum. The time I spent rereading the past 52 weeks worth of posts absolutely highlight the journey a simple text message started. Somedays I am shocked I don't live under a rock and have managed to keep it together (kind of, sort of).

While I did promise my extra had ended after the second sentence, I was wrong. Tomorrow is day one; book writing.This past year has allowed me to put life into

perspective and all the things that make mine up; family, friends, career, religion, health, wellness, education and more. I have learned more people battle mental illness than have blue eyes, so I guess you have a fun fact for your week. You’re welcome.

If I had to come up with takeaways from these past 52 weeks it would be a hodgepodge of thoughts;

Stigmas needs to end.

Too many people suffer in silence.

I’m stronger than I realized.

I’m still working my way back true north.

My confidence isn’t as shaky.

I still feel things really hard.

People can be cruel and that doesn’t end at the school lunch room.

I’m learning to laugh again.

…. this isn’t an exhaustive list and honestly it could change by the hour. Just a few takeaways from a a few thousand nonsensical words.

Where am I now ? Honestly, I am at a bit of a crossroads on almost all fronts. While

my book does not focus on the present I believe it will help me define what my present will evolve in to. I have also come to the conclusion of treating grammar like it’s the Wild West. Why does the fun always have to end.…

Cheers to ONE YEAR!

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