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Season Three....

Tomorrow starts a new chapter for us. Its been 553 days since my husband has worked. 553 days since our family was turned upside down by illness. Out of nowhere. Unknown. Knock down, drag out. Ass kicked. Illness. For someone who spends every day at work - in a hospital; we are really over doctor appointments, blood test, diagnostics, specialists, physical therapy, and all the other bull shit that came with it. While everything isn't 100%, we are definitely on the up and up.

Tomorrow my husband starts back to work. Its another change in routine. A good one. A wanted one. A change non the less. We've been through lots of changes. Most of which have not gone too well. For any of us. 2019 was not kind to us. Perhaps one day I will be able to look back and find the silver lining. One day, not today. 2020 hasn't exactly been rainbows and unicorns. More changes. However, I don't want to brag, but we've been self isolating since before it was cool. #trendsetters. Just kidding, I going to highly discourage anyone from following our lead.

Relearning the rhythm of two full time working parents, summer break for our kids, and a phenomenal nanny who helps us pull it all off. I can promise you its going to be messy. I am going to drop the ball on things. Hopefully the ball dropping, mess making, doesn't all happen on the same day. I also know, we aren't that lucky. It'll be the trifecta. Perhaps its fitting that I was born on Preakness weekend (at the hospital that overlooks Pimlico). Maybe i'll start playing the ponies to to test my luck. Maybe design some silks and come up with some ridiculous horse name, follow in the steps of Seattle Slew or Whirlaway.

So I guess if I am going to keep on the theme of horse racing, tomorrow starts the Derby. The first jewel. Time to bust out the fascinator's and ascots and mint juleps. Who knows how long it will take us to run this leg. At Churchill Downs its 1.25 miles. At my house - we will likely run this leg a little slow. Warm up. Ease into the race, find our steady pace. Or these are my intentions. This could possibly blow up in our faces. Something we are also trendsetters at. I'm telling you, when you finally see that blog post titled 2019. Settle in and get comfy, cause its gonna be something. It will also be one long post. A Netflix style release, the full season all at once. Instant gratification. Or Horror Film.

Tomorrow is our third season. Season One - Illness; Season Two - Shit show (perhaps i'll come up with a more poetic title); Season Three - the Remix, how we plan to put it all back together. Plan being the operative word. I'm not sure how much of this remix I want to try and control. Perhaps letting go will pull things together. I tried to control 2019 - I can promise you that was not my shinning moment.

This season I plan to actually admit when I need help. Whether its as simple as coffee with a friend or figuring out how to fix the holes in the wall. Raise the flag when things are getting to be a little too much. Be honest. Speak up. Remember that I have a voice. Ironic coming from someone who has started a blog. So, hopefully these plans are not made in vain.

Here is to tomorrow and a new season.

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