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Tale as old as time...

The first movie I ever saw in the theatre was "Beauty and the Beast;" it was during Christmas of 1991 at the Hillendale Theatre on Taylor Ave in Baltimore City. This memory comes to mind as I sit here with my seven year old daughter who is watching that same movie during the same time of year. From what I recall of the Hillendale Theatre my living room is in slightly better condition however, I do occasionally question what I step in on the floor. Mom-life is special like that. Now before anyone questions my less than engaged parenting, we've watched this a few dozen times already, it’s almost 11PM, she can't sleep, and I am only so entertaining. So, we listen to Belle sing for her hopes and dreams of a life less provincial, Gaston is still an oversized chauvinist, and we wait for the last enchanted petal to fall.

Imagine if life came with an enchanted rose enclosed in glass. What if we decided this was how we were going to live. Quietly stealing glances at how much time was left on our enchanted flowering shrub. Like most greenery I'd likely end up killing it well before the time it was supposed to drop its last petal. No need to worry about exhausting anticipation over here. Would a visual such as this help or hinder our accomplishments of goals. Whether the deadline is self-imposed or corporate driven, rarely is the luxury of time on our side. We are simply trying to outpace the last petal from dropping. Perhaps this imaging is fitting as we are two days out from 2021. Finally turning the page towards 2021. A new 365 day rose will appear. Perhaps it won’t be black as 2020's was and perhaps this one will be enchanted and not possessed. A girl can dream....

I have already decided that I will not be recapping 2020 in a sentimental blog post. There is nothing that I can share that won’t already be depicted in some clever meme. I've also decided 40 blog posts later that my writing will be a major focus of 2021 for me. I will also be skipping a charming photo montage. I am a firm believer on taking stock of things. I am also a firm believer that it should occur more than once a year. I would imagine 2020 has forced people into taking stock on several occasions. We have all be impacted this year. Personally. Professionally. All of the above. No one conducted business as normal. If you did, kudos to you and the rock you live under. There are many things that I agree with and disagree with from 2020. I am still appalled at how much time was spent providing education on how to wash your hands. If we keep anything from 2020, can it please be hand hygiene?

I am sure many folks have a list on what they hope 2021 to bring. I am not sure I plan on generating such a list. I may be just as content to know petals are quietly falling as the year progresses. In theory next fall should resemble normal. However, ruin theory is such a I'm going to leave theory out of this too.

We have 72 hours to go. Perhaps spend the next 72 hours taking stock. How did this year challenge you? How will this year forever change you? As a nation we are forever changed. As cliché as it may sound, these 72 hours, before that last possessed petal drops, what will 2021 mean to you? The point of these questions is not to challenge your inner philosopher or highlight perceived misgivings. The point is to focus on how 2020 truly impacted you. A deeply personal reaction. No right or wrong answer. Simply an exercise for your own personal benefit. Share with a friend, or perhaps you and your friends agree that I am " the girl whose strange but special;" Beauty and the Beast is quite the inspiration this evening.

Whatever this year brought and whatever next year brings, I wish you peace and light. Happy New Year and as Robert Burns wrote.....

and we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet | for auld lang syne.

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