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The Junk Drawer

Tonight while making dinner I decided it was finally time to go through the kitchen junk drawer. The least organized full of surprises drawer in the whole house. As I was deciding the fate of the many random objects I came across ,it made me think, how nice would it be if life were that easy. If we could just open the drawer and organize all the pieces and put everything back nice and neat. Knowing that every so often we will need to reorganize the drawer.

Tonight I learned that over the 12 years I have been living with my husband we have clearly put together enough IKEA furniture to open our own allen wrench store. We have a bizarre amount of screwdrivers, floral wire, shoe laces, 3M hook type things, and enough writing instruments to supply a school. All are items that serve vastly different purposes yet are needed to make a household function. Items that perhaps I could have lessened the quantity of yet kept because you never know when a screw comes loose what size tool(s) you will need to fix the problem.

I have recently been working on what items I need in my own tool box to help put some order to my junk drawer. What tools can I implement that serve multi function or specialty needs. A task that for me is long over due. Tonight my husband and I were joking around and he commented that I have been acting like a psycho, I of course the charming wife I am, casually asked for explanation. He recanted and said not psycho but emotional....again....this conversation was becoming quite the slippery soap. I wrote his term papers in undergrad...descriptive language is not his strong suit. Once we teased out what he was actually trying to call me we landed on the fact that I am becoming less austere. I didn't say anything in the moment but it made me take pause. Clearly something I am doing has soften my edges.

How or when did my edges begin to soften? Can I apply the same CAMI standards that are used to determine the average size grit in sandpaper? Am I currently at 36 ( extra course / initial sanding) and will hopefully reach 1000 ( ultra fine / polishing ) one day? Can you quantify your edges? How do you successfully navigate when to be course and when to be polished? At what grit will I loose my RBF?

To be honest if I think about what is in my tool box, it is mainly whozits, whatzits, and thingamabobs. I'm in regular therapy, at least weekly, and currently need the extra support of medication. Both my therapist and physician feel that one day I will no longer need medication. I also recently started a blog...guess we can now bust out the label maker and make some solid identification. There is not right answer on how many tools should be in your tool box. I current have three - four, if you include sandpaper.

If the sandpaper analogy makes sense to you great, if not, let me know what works for you. Some of you reading this will likely only take away the fact that I knew what CAMI is. Shocking, I know. My advice tonight, take stock of your junk drawer, do you have the bandwidth to start organizing?

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