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To my person....

The thank you note has been around for centuries. It became "popular" in the 1400s when Europeans began exchanging cards with family and friends. Yes, there is some more in-depth history however that isn't the point of today's post. I am not here to be Emily Post and school you on the reasons to send a thank you card. Goodness knows I have been rather off my game the past year or so. I would even consider myself a hoarder of stationery, fine stationery. Papyrus, Caspari, Crane & Co, or the OG of fine stationery Benneton Graveur. While beautifully minted paper is a gift in an of itself, it is the message that matters. A card from the dollar store means just as much as a card from Benneton Graveur. Its the word on the paper that brings the meaning. Nobody will judge you for where your card is from when saying thanks. Sometimes a post it can make all the difference.

I enjoy sending cards. I think it is a bit of a lost art. Some years we drop the ball on holiday family photo cards and they arrive closer to MLK Jr Day. However our smiling family faces will eventually grace your mailbox.

Today's post is a bit ( well, more than a bit) of a public thank you note. The reason for such a public message is due to some time spent on the ole interwebs. Several forums focused on how to say thank you to that person or persons who were there in the darkest of times. The lowest of lows. I have touched on this theme in several posts. Saying thank you is hard for some. "How do you say thank you," on such a taboo topic. One can theorize that you simply being alive is thank you enough. Or you can see what Edible Arrangements or Harry and Davd has to offer. Perhaps a nice nut mix.... I write a blog so clearly I am in to words. You can always just write "thank you." There is a lot of power in those two words.

To my person...…

One year. Who could have even imagined a note like this would ever be written. A friendship that is intersected in many ways. A friendship that essentially evolved out of crisis and chaos. A friendship that happened in reverse. As Jim Henson said, "“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” A friendship that I am forever blessed to have. You are humble by nature. Your values are what make you nonchalant in your approach. An approach that I am shocked has not included you pushing me into a river. Occasionally the scene from a League of their Own comes to mind; Tom Hanks character tosses a worked up Kit ( Lori Petty) into an ice cold shower when she is being ridiculous I am a bit of a pain in the ass. I am a bit of a handful. I am a bit ridiculous. Yet, here we are. One year later....

There is more to this letter, however that is personal. A lot can happen in a year. The first year is the hardest. Like hella hard. Like unless you've been there you have no idea how hard. So as the next few days creep closer and the memories become more vivid I will continue to push forward. I am sure I am going to be a hot mess. I am not sure there is a super graceful way to embrace this. Goodness, I am still not sure I am wrapped my head around everything. Yet, I am already one year out. I guess COVID is good for something.

So in my verbose way, thank you. Eight total letters that convey so much. If you ask google there are over 17 million hits on ways to say thank you.... When saying thanks to someone remember sometimes its nice to go beyond words. Maybe acknowledge them in person, send flowers, see what three choice popcorn tin Harry and David has on sale. A budget thank you is just as lovely as a Benneton Graveur card. Yes, I know I have odd obsession with Benneton Graveur. Google them; their stuff is just so opulent and delicious. If you find yourself in Paris a short two minute walk from Benneton Graveur will lead you to another opulent and delicious locale; Pierre Hermé. Quite the tangent, however, the best macarons, glaces, chocolats; tres délicieux. To take the solid advice from Parks and Recreation, "treat yo self." year out and I am clearly all over the place; apparently wishing I was in Paris.

So, as the posts will like be scattered leading up to October 15th, I ask for your patience.

à bientôt !

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