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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

When you decided to enter in to parenthood you know you are rolling the genetic dice. Who will the child favor physically? Whose personality will come through a bit more. My children are physical carbon copies of my husband and I. Since birth there has been no denying these monsters. My monsters are Irish twins. Yep, almost a year apart to the day. Its a real special kind of love some days. A chaotic, hot mess express, struggle bus, all encompassing, kind of love.

The adorableness that they exude is their saving grace. The sleepy snuggles and big blue eyed "i love yous" are why we keep them. Just kidding, kind of... One cherub is back to school, physically in the building. The big first grade. While this causes occasional panic inducing thoughts, so far, so good. This is a child that thrives off people. The same child that talks All.Day.Long. She will be running for president in 2050. Currently her platform is unicorns, confetti, and cupcakes for all.

The other dear is venturing in to homeschooling. We are all venturing in to homeschooling. The "classroom" is coming together. The curriculum has been purchased. We are heading towards lesson planning and making second grade amazing. Our guy is autistic. A diagnosis that carries a wide spectrum of conditions. Some days it is like spinning a top. Some days it spins lovely and fluidly. Some days we wobble. Some days we just crash and lay on our side. Some days we over achieve and cover all the bases at once. My son inherited his height from his father. He is a monster of a 7 year old. When C has a fit, he can become physical. Biting, hitting, kicking, head squeezing, hair pulling, kind of fit. Tonight he couldn't wrap his head around dinner. Finally I caved and said he could have anything. Didn't help. We ate dinner, he eventually pulled it together, and asked for a grilled cheese. There is no rhyme or reason some days. We know routine is key. We know new places require a great deal of planning and talking about. Dinner somewhere new? We know the menu ahead of time, Stalked everything out on google. All of this planning can still go to hell.

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Sep 01, 2020

I can definitely relate to the parent of special needs kids- one word of advice, which you already know, be careful what u ask for. These kids take things literally. Last night I told Tiffany to clean up her space in the basement, but did not specify what that place was. Well, the entire basement closet is cleared out now- I hope this gives a good laugh. You will get through the physical struggles with time, just make sure u take time for yourself each day. Love you 💕

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