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We Survived...kinda.

Occasionally when I go to wake up my daughter she will look up at me with her sleepy blue eyes and state she is on the struggle bus this morning. She will promptly roll back over pull over the covers and stay there until she willingly or not so willingly gets up. I get it kid; the struggle is real at times. A cozy bed with 7,000 stuffed animals, some dolls, 87 blankets, and assorted other treasures, is much more appealing than the outside world some days. Especially on rainy mornings.

My children have clearly lost track of time as every single day they ask me if I have to go to work. Its been a couple years now since I've worked a weekend or an overnight in the hospital. This just solidifies my theory that we are all function on airport time and were just waiting for that flight to finally take off. My current outfit should also imply mom isn't going to work or perhaps this just highlights that I need to step up my game on work days. If you're reading this and we work together, apparently I must apologize for my haggard ways.

This has been a long week in my household. We survived our first week with both parents working full time, the nanny back full time, and like I first said, we survived. Our calendars were slightly out of sync on a couple things and we are all slightly exhausted. Fortunately our kids are exhausted because our nanny is amazing and my kids have so much fun with her. Multiple trips to the skate park, picnics, crafts, trails, bike rides....easy summer living.

My husband and I are not exhausted from the list of fun activities above; as my husband shared last night, he hasn't had to use his brain in the past 18 months. Which is true from a business perspective. He is now immersed in the black hole of zoom calls, too many emails, and the fun filled perks of policy reading that comes with a new job.

I'm still at odds with excel. One blessed formula has gotten the best of me. I finally threw in the towel at 9pm last night. However, as I write this, I know I will continue messing with it over the weekend. I worked on over 200 spreadsheets in the past five days. Yet, I still feel like I accomplished nothing. Nothing was actually crossed off the to do list as completed. I just simply added branches to each item on the list; creating a spider web of supporting details that need addressing. I also have a few additional projects and responsibilities that require attention and also were not crossed off my list...simply added to the spider web. Nothing accomplished.

We all have to do list, personal or professional, written out or electronic, and in my opinion there is nothing more satisfying than scratching items off that list. I know that as your scratch one item off it will be replaced with another. That's how life goes, a rolling lists of wants, needs, or asks. How your prioritize your list is up to you. This week I have been pushing back on folks to give me dates and deadlines for items. Right now the "when you have time," response just isn't working. What is your timeline and how does that mesh with mine? Or, is this a hold the presses and focus all you got on this project right now? I am giving Charlotte and her web a run for her money.

I have developed a really bad habit over the past 18 months. I clench my jaw when I am anxious, I've gotten so good at it, I don't even realize when I am doing it. I'm an over achiever. This week had a solid amount of jaw clenching. This morning as I sit here, I can really feel it, muscle spasms and all. I'd like to blame this on excel. In reality I know it has nothing to do with excel. No one has said to me at work this week you are not being productive enough or you are not meeting deadlines. In all likelihood I place an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself to get things done. Jaw clenching amount of pressure.

We all seem to be struggle busing a little today. So this weekend we are calling it slow . I have already been approached by one little boy to watch Lego Movie 2 this afternoon, with popcorn and blankets on the living room floor. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Saturday.

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